If you are a fan of the anime “My Hero Academia” manga series then, you must have heard about Deku. It’s a protagonist from this very popular anime series, and people seem to love him for all he brings on the screens.

In addition, there are several things that you should know about your favorite superhero for a better effect. So let’s not waste more time here, and begin our particular discussion of today,

Who is Deku?

Izuku Midoriya, who is most famous with the name Deku is featured in “My Hero Academia” (Manga series). This anime series mainly revolves around the idea of a school where people are to make heroes for themselves.

Now, this is the moment of realization for most of the show’s followers. The circumstances are there for their Hero to perform out of its bubble. In addition, the protagonist doesn’t seem to have power with the name “Quirk.”

So a hero has to prove his extra abilities by working harder and harder. And that is what we might get to see in the series with Deku that most people admire for a bunch of reasons.

Some interesting facts regarding Deku:

As we are done with the basic introduction and the background, let’s find out interesting facts regarding this anime hero. These facts will reflect a lot about Deku’s personality that you are desperate to find out about,

1-A quick learner:

Better learning capability is one of the common traits of a protagonist, mainly a Hero. And that seems to be quite visible when we put Deku in this context. He appears to be a very quick-witted person that shows great contentment even when the situation isn’t the most ideal of all.

He is always ready to take on great challenges and never shy away from them.

2-A savior:

Saving others when they are in some sort of trouble is an old hero fashion. In addition, there are several instances where he did help others even when the circumstances were highly unsuitable. And does look like the same with this character from the famous anime.

He will meddle in someone’s affair to save someone’s life that is completely unknown to him. It takes an act of great courage to become like him, suggest his fans.

3-A strategist:

There are several great abilities of a hero that distinguishes him from the rest of the audience. He has to be very sharp when it comes to strategy building capacity. Here, Deku can become a sublime strategist as he can spot his enemies’ weaknesses.


That is also a wonderful quality that we did find in Deku’s character. He is incredibly forgiving and generous, even for those who did insult in. So it takes a great character to become a hero like him in any story.


So that was everything about Deku from the manga series by “My Hero Academia.” He is one of the versatile protagonists of all time. All his exceptional qualities and personality favors put him on top of every character in the Manga series.

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