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We are present in an era where everyone would notice different uprising trends in the market. The teenagers have followed different trends and after that, they have just ended up with animation and cartoon effects. You will be amazed to learn that cartoons are not only famous for children but also for elder people. Cartoons are the source of guidance, recreation, amusement, and message for the people. 

Along with all these cartoons also make photos and videos into a mesmerizing thing. What if we tell you that you can change your random photo to cartoon in just 5 seconds. It would be amazing news for the content creators as they are always in search of something unique and different. If you do want to change your photo to a cartoon then we have good news for you. 

Now you can easily change your photo to cartoon using a platform which is Imgkits. This platform provides you with different tools for photo editing in one place. It is free online and without any paid subscription than what are you waiting for? It is a full-fledged package available for users.

Why use imgkits photo to cartoon feature?

After learning about the different features of Imgkits the first question that arises in our mind is why we only use this website than others. There are different reasons in which Imgkits is unique in its features and working power. You must have a look at the below specifications:

  • The features of the ‘photo to cartoon’ are so amazing that it looks real in its working and appearance.

  • The oil painting tool works in only 5 seconds but the appearance looks like the real oil painting made by Picasso.

  • If you are thinking of investing 2-3 hours in sketching yourself then it’s a bad idea. Imgkits has a photo to cartoon filter which provides the sketching ability for its users in just 5 seconds.
  • The steps of this website to use any tool is easy hence no professionalism and pro-level working is required in it.

  • The website works on artificial intelligence due to which the user doesn’t need to give every command, rather the website manages different things automatically.

Process of imgkits photo to cartoon

As we have discussed above, the imgkits website contains such helpful features that are grabbing the attention of users as well as becoming the cause of the popularity of imgkits. In this article, we are about to know the basic steps for using anime filters. 

The majority of users don’t know how to convert their pictures to cartoon faces. You need to follow the given steps:

  • First, a user needs to open up the official website of Imgkits by typing Imgkits.com in the browser of your device.

  • This app will open up the official website and there you will see different tools and tabs. If you want to use ‘photo to cartoon’ then head towards the anime filter.

  • Select the photo to cartoon filter that would be at the lower part of the page. The system will ask you to upload the desired picture.

  • Upload the picture and the website will work on it in 5 seconds. At last, you need to download it and it will be automatically saved on the device.

  • The image would be in the PNG format hence easy to share and upload.


Photo to cartoon is an amazing tool of Imgkits which is a source of recreation and popularity for different people. A quick guideline along with the importance of this tool is briefly explained above.

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