8 National Flower of Different Countries

Each country has its own set of flora & fauna, which leads to making it unique. Each country has its national flowers as distinct flowers, or flowering bulbs are endemic to their motherland. A floral logo or national flower of all nations usually varies from one another. They tend to express the different geographical areas to which they or their classes belong. They can either have a sacred or different place in the history or mythology of some country, due to which it has been pulled up as the national flowers of distinct countries. Or even they can be selected as per some long-held traditional belief. Here are some countries & their respective national flowers that you presumably didn’t know of.


Australia – Golden Wattle

The Golden Wattle is a spring flower that opens in September. It thrives in yellow with sweet, fuzzy heads & comes in many tiny flowers with tiny petals. They are ordinarily located in a cluster in a round or elongated shape. The flowering of golden wattle marks the end of winter in Australia-Flower delivery online available. There are 950 varieties of these bright bulbs in Australia.


Jasmine – Pakistan & Syria

From their intoxicating aroma to their tiny, star-shaped flowers, jasmines are recognized as the national flower of both Pakistan & Syria. Its integrity is what eventually casts an enchanting spell on others. And it’s pretty symbolism of purity and harmony makes it an excellent choice of flower over various countries.


Rose – Slovakia

How many times have you gifted someone a lovely red roses bouquet? Quite a lot, right? But how many of you understood that this lovely flower is the national flower of Slovakia? We are beautiful, sure not many of you! It is so because this lovely flower first arrived in Slovakia approximately 35 million years ago. This caused all the Slovakians to consider a rose as their national flower, other than its mesmerizing world-famous features like its natural fragrance, rich symbolism, and some excellent set of sentiments etched into it.


India – Lotus

India has been a farming and gardening country since ancient times. This country adores flowers like no other. Flowers are an indispensable part of Indian culture. They play a vital role in a person’s life directly from their birth to death. They are an essential part of every religious and social event in India. The Lotus or Water Lily is the National Flower of India. Brahma, the originator of the universe, is thought to have emerged from the lotus. He is seen lying on the lotus, & so it is favoured for offering to gods- so order Flower delivery. The lotus signifies purity, holiness, knowledge, wealth, & enlightenment.


Camomile – Russia

Camomile refers to the daisy species of flowers. It’sIt’s a native flower to the western parts of Asia & is known for growing loosely and swiftly in number everywhere. From its fruity, flowery redolence to its therapeutic, calming properties, camomiles are an indispensable remedy in central Europe.


France – Iris

French love planting flowers in their garden very much. One can get different types of flowers in the gardens of French people. Staring at the love for the heads of its people, the French government has stated Iris as the national flower. Iris maybe is the only flower that grows in 200 different shades. They grow in light & dark shades in white, blue, & dark purple. No surprise, tourists are greeted with excellent scenery in France.


Japan – Chrysanthemum and Cherry Blossom

More than one country gives the same national flower, but Japan is one country that owns a couple of national flowers – chrysanthemum & cherry blossom. The cherry blossom is the native flower, & the chrysanthemum is a token of royalty. The country is honoured with a beautiful landscape that covers its middle area. Other famous flowers located in Japan are sakura, orchids, lotus, & roses.


Maple Leaf – Canada

Have a glimpse at the picture of the flag front, and you will know why maple leaf is the native flower of Canada. A maple leaf carries out the patriotic spirit from every Canadian. It was back in 1996 when maple leaf was named the flower of Canada officially. Canada’sCanada’s national anthem, ”The Maple Leaf Forever,” circles this flower.



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