5 tips on how to pick the best sneaker proxies

High-end sneaker bots are a waste of money and effort if they do not help you achieve your objectives. It does not matter whether you choose the appropriate bot; it still needs proxies, servers, and updates.

Before discussing the best tips to pick sneaker proxies, it is necessary to learn the following basics:

To learn how to choose the finest Sneaker Bot proxies.

Regardless of the brand of your bot, the following considerations should be kept in mind while looking for proxies:

  • Sneakers were copped in the past by employing proxy servers, which are also known as datacenter proxies.
  • Proxy servers should be located in the United States, especially in New York, Virginia, or Chicago. 
  • It is necessary to cycle residential proxies, which might share an IP address, among users. Your proxies should be able to maintain the same IP address for at least 10 minutes since many shoe shops have long lines of customers.

Even if speed is no longer the most critical factor, choosing proxies with the quickest access times is still necessary. The faster proxy servers you have, the better!

Top tips to follow to pick the best Sneaker Proxies

Follow these tips to pick the best sneaker proxy.

  • Choose residential proxies

The greatest proxies for shoes are always those located in the user’s own home. For this reason, they are unlikely to be stopped or recognized since they resemble actual mobile and desktop devices. 

Data center proxies are not up to snuff (the only feasible alternative to residential proxies). However, their IP addresses do not reveal their Internet service provider. This is an issue.,, and so on are examples of this.

  • Build up the top speed

Why is every sneaker enthusiast captivated with shoes that are being produced at an ever-increasing rate? Many pairs of shoes that are only available for a short time are in high demand. Thanks to rapid bots, you can obtain these sneakers quicker than your competition. However, the odds of acquiring the shoes diminish with each passing moment. 

Consequently, your bots and proxies must operate at dizzying speeds for them to be effective. Since we are talking about it, using a home proxy is a hot topic right now. Compared to datacenter proxies, they take longer to process requests. What matters is which proxy network the IPs are linked to. 

There will always be jobs for sneaker makers. Thus our algorithm ensures that 99 percent of the proxies in our pool are constantly up and have low pings. Residential proxies have the potential to be very fast if they are managed by experienced engineers. Other service providers are not so forthcoming.

  • Consider location targeting

It is also known as geo-targeting or location-targeting. This enables you to only send emails from IP addresses in a certain region (i.e., city, state, or country). In order for the proxy server and the target website to be as near together as feasible, this functionality must be incorporated in the finest sneaker proxies available. 

Having a proxy located in the same city as Nike’s servers is a great perk. Additionally, you may come across proxy firms that provide geo-targeted proxies for popular releases, but their proxy network is not broad enough to cover all of the releases they offer.

  • Discover the power of unlimited scale

Many sneaker proxy providers are having difficulties here since there are not enough high-quality genuine IP addresses in various areas. Proxy firms will run out of residential proxies as long as they continue to provide thousands of them. 

Many excellent proxy servers are needed for the greatest sneaker proxy network. With so many IP addresses to choose from, you may be employing proxies in Chicago to do sneaker bot behaviors without our knowledge. That is the essence of scale.

  • Avoid free proxies

Despite the allure of the term “free,” we do not believe free proxies are a smart idea. If you are not vigilant, these firms will attempt to con you out of your money. That way, they may access your private data. We highly advise you to do research and choose a well-known supplier. 

To be safe, examine whether the company has a 24-hour customer support department (and you know how important seconds are when it comes to cooking the holy grails, so you will not have time to wait for an email response). To locate the best sneaker proxies, check out user reviews, subreddits, and forums on the internet as well.


Free sneaker proxies that are not banned by shoe sites are hard to come by. Because of their lag time and lack of trustworthiness, they will be unable to cooperate with you. It is tough enough to buy shoes on your own; proxies should assist rather than complicate the process.

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