4 Reasons to Buy a House in a Gated Community in Surprise, Arizona

A gated community is a residential neighborhood secured by fences or barriers and strictly controlled entrances. People living inside it share a close social bond with each other. The main advantage is safety, even though these localities have low crime rates.

Surprise, a city in the County of Maricopa in Arizona, has several gated communities catering to its population over 55. Some famous ones include the Arizona Traditions, Sun Village, and Canyon Ridge West.

The gated communities in Surprise, Arizona, have several homes for sale equipped with the necessary amenities and facilities for comfortable living. Their prices start from 300,000 USD and can go as high as 900,000 USD.

Among the many things you should check while buying a property in a gated community, one is its features and opportunities for recreation. For example, it should have a biking or walking trail, pool, spa, workout facility, tennis court, etc.

But before searching for a home in a community, here are some benefits you should know about living in one.

Benefits of Living in a Gated Community

  1. Safety and Security

It is one of the primary reasons behind staying in a gated community, even in a city with low crime statistics, such as Surprise. According to data, the total crime rate in this city is 47% lower than in the rest of Arizona and 36% lower than in the USA.

Despite those comforting statistics, knowing that your locality is well-secured with fixed entry and exit points, CCTV cameras for 24×7 surveillance, posted guards, an intercom system, and electronic fences gives you a sense of complete satisfaction.

  1. Community Living

More than half of the residents of Surprise and Phoenix report suffering from loneliness, while 49% said they were involved in relationships they didn’t find fulfilling.

Further, according to the Arizona 50 state review on loneliness and social isolation, one-third of adults 45 years of age and older suffer from social isolation.

Living with others in a fenced society creates a feeling of belonging and camaraderie. There are several events, gatherings, and programs where the members come together, talk, laugh, engage in activities, and have a good time.

It helps encourage a community feeling and, more importantly, removes the isolation felt by older people.

  1. Property Value is Relatively High

Buying a house in a secured community should be your priority if property appreciation is one of your main priorities. Even though homeowners association (HOA) fees are involved, it is not significant enough to affect the home’s total market value.

Several factors increase home values in gated neighborhoods, including design uniformity, building codes, effective maintenance system, and higher living standards.

Studies show that gating increases a property’s value between 7% to 24% in many cities in Arizona, including Surprise. It is an attractive investment with promises of a high return on investment (ROI).

  1. Absence of Speeding Vehicles

Speeding vehicles are a significant menace, particularly to the elderly sections of the population. Vehicles running at high speeds are one of the major causes of accidents in Surprise, which has increased about 8 to 10% in recent years.

A gated locality spares you the danger of being hit by a speeding car or colliding with another. Another added benefit is the absence of many vehicles, keeping the noise levels minimum.

Buying a house in one of the gated communities in Surprise Arizona, offers you the advantages mentioned above. It is better to contact a real estate professional to find a housing unit in one of the gated neighborhoods, depending on your requirements.

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