Top Wedding-Planning Mistakes You Should Avoid

A wedding is not a one-step process. It involves a lot of planning. You need to start early. A wedding requires time, resources, and dedication. Plus, it’s a team effort. You should bring several parties on board if you want a perfect wedding. Hire an experienced wedding designer like Supernova Wedding Design. Choose the best photographer. Plus, don’t make the following mistakes.

Not Setting Your Budget

Start with a budget. You cannot plan if you don’t have an explicit budget. Take into consideration different financial parameters. Set a realistic budget. All plans should come after a budget to avoid frustrations.

For instance, if you plan to go for a honeymoon, ensure that you have enough budget for it. Also, set a budget for the gown. Hire a wedding planner after setting a budget. The budget will drive your decisions.

Not Having A Plan B For Rain

You cannot prevent rain, right? Well, outdoor weddings can be affected by rain. Thus, it’s important to have a good plan for rain. For instance, you need a tent. You can also ask your visitors to come with ambarellas. Rain jackets are also good for outdoor weddings.

Not Setting A Budget Outdoor Affairs

Don’t underestimate the cost of outdoor activities. It’s not all about setting a tent. There are lots of logistical issues involved. These issues demand money.

For instance, you will need to rent bathrooms, lighting, and kitchen facilities. Heaters are also required. You need a backup generator. Plan well. Have a budget for these outdoor activities.

Too-Long Party

Of course., this is your day. However, that doesn’t mean planning a long party. Marathon celebrations will ruin the day. Besides costing more money, marathon celebrations can be tiresome. Make it a 5-hour event. Short is sweet.

Leaving Visitors Confused

Don’t make your guests confused. Thus, don’t be mean with information, especially when it comes to venue details, directions, time, etc. If you intend to hold a destination event, tell your guests. Also, if you have scheduled a long weekend vacation, communicate early.

Giving guests clear instructions will make them happy and satisfied. Keeping them confused can be disgusting. Allow your wedding planner to handle these issues.

Micromanaging Events

Planning things is good. However, you cannot do everything on your own. Plus, there are experts who know how to manage the day better. Let them do their job. Don’t micromanage the photographer. Allow the wedding designer to do his/her job.

Skipping Video Shoot

You need to capture these special moments for future reference, right? Well, these moments can only be captured in videos. Allow your photographer to take videos. Set a few minutes aside for the photoshoot.

Rushing To Sign A Catering Contract

When looking for a catering expert, be careful. You should get everything right. In particular, you should understand the content of the contract. What are the contents? Does it include everything? Read through the contract. Ask questions.

The Bottom-Line

Simple mistakes can ruin your wedding. For instance, not starting early can mess you up. Don’t make the above mistakes if you want to have the wedding of your dreams. 

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