Tips to Motivate and Help Your Team Achieve Great Results

Keeping the employees inspired and motivated is probably one of the challenging tasks for any manager. Finding the right talent is a big task, but an even bigger task is managing them effectively and helping them to achieve great results at their work. Constantly improving productivity and achieving work-related goals can be a challenge for any employee, as there will be lots of professional and personal setbacks throughout the journey. But, if you can figure out a way to keep them motivated throughout, it will be a big boost for the organization and the employees.

When your employees are motivated, they tend to engage with their work which will have a positive impact on the way they do things and the energy rubs off on other team members. Although there isn’t a specific set of rules that applies to all the employees, there are a few tips that can motivate the majority of your workforce. To know more about them, keep reading the article.

1) Set realistic goals:

When your employees have a certain goal to achieve, they tend to work hard to go in the direction of achieving that goal. Show your employees that they are working towards something concrete that will help them to grow professionally. However, you must ensure that the goal is very realistic. For instance, in the initial stage itself if your employees feel that the goal is very hard to achieve in the time frame given, then they give it up in the initial stages itself. Thus, ensure you set realistic goals that they can achieve and help them to grow.

2) Help their career progress:

If your employees feel that there isn’t much room for improvement and career growth, they tend to get demotivated and look for better options. Give them more responsibility, provide a chance to handle the team occasionally, and promote them to better roles. Apart from this, you can also offer training opportunities that can help your employees to upskill and perform better at their job. With technology evolution, organizations can offer training on a limited budget. For instance, a learning management system like Docebo offers a free trial which helps to experience the tool before you take the subscription. Docebo pricing is also very affordable and it offers some amazing features which help to manage your training effectively.

3) Promote work-life balance:

Poor work-life balance can be one of the reasons for making your employees feel dejected and unmotivated to learn. Provide a flexible leave policy, ensure no one works for extra hours, and do not closely monitor the working hours. Until the job gets done, give them the freedom to work at their own pace. If your employees can strike a balance between their professional and personal life, they seem to be more engaged and motivated to give their best at work.

4) Offer a competitive pay:

If your employees feel that they are underpaid or they can earn more in some other organization with their skills, they cannot give the best output at their current job. This doesn’t mean that you have to pay as per their demands, but ensure you offer them a competitive salary as per the industry standard. Compare the salaries that your competitors are giving to similar roles and pay your employees in that range. Apart from competitive salaries, offer them ample sick days, paid parental leaves and paid vacations, etc.

5)Provide feedback:

Constructive feedback is very important to help your employees grow and growth will eventually lead to motivation to perform even better. Positive feedback builds self-confidence in one’s abilities to achieve great results and negative feedback helps to improve. But, ensure you deal with negative feedback carefully. Give your employees the real picture and try to explain to them how they can improve themselves.


Your employees need consistent backing and support from the organization to keep themselves motivated and achieve great results. We hope these five tips can help to keep your employees motivated and engaged with their work.

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