The husband of Paula Jones is Steven Mark McFadden (Bio, Married life, Lawsuit)

Paula Jones sued former President Bill Clinton in 2000, and Steven Mark McFadden is well-known for being her spouse. Paula periodically appeared in the media, while Steven stayed completely off the radar.


The bio of Steven Mark McFadden
Early years of Paula Jones
Paula Jones’s relationships and divorce
what Paula Jones is worth
Clinton v. Jones
Crime in America: Impeachment
To help readers learn more about Steven Mark McFadden, we have nevertheless put together a biography of him.

The bio of Steven Mark McFadden

Regarding his birthdate, the 60-year-old McFadden has provided very little information. Specifically, he wed Paula Jones in 2001 at the age of 39.

He is a tall man, standing at 5′ 8″. The precise measurements are unknown at this time.

Steven Mark McFadden, an Arkansan by birth, has visited a number of locations. He has resided in Arkansas’s Cabot, Little Rock, and Austin.

Steven’s name and information about his family are kept a secret due to the majority of the time that he remains under the radar. However, we were able to identify a few individuals who were connected to him, including his parents, siblings, and other family members. Bruce L. McFadden, Clay Spencer McFadden, Henry J. McFadden, and Jon Christopher McFadden are among the McFadden family members.

Paula divorced her first husband, Stephen Jones, in 1999; in 2001, Steven Mark McFadden wed Paula Jones.

It appears that he has a net worth of around $200,000. Due to the dearth of trustworthy sources, the estimated figure has not yet been verified.

Many people are interested in Steven’s method of wealth accumulation. He had been employed by a manufacturer of construction equipment for many years.

Steven is a ghost when it comes to public appearances. His wife frequently appeared in the news because of high-profile sexual litigation. but was more concerned with attracting media attention by simply following along.

Paula Jones’s early life

The spouse of Steven Mark McFadden is an American civil servant named Paula Jones. Paula Jones also worked for Arkansas State in the past.

Due to the fact that her father was a Nazarene minister, she was raised in the church.

Jones graduated from high school in 1984 in Carlisle, Arkansas. She briefly attended a secretarial school in Little Rock, Arkansas. When she first met Steve Jones in 1989, she lived in Little Rock.

Before joining the Arkansas Industrial Development Commission, Paula worked at a number of different occupations (AIDC).

Paula Jones’s relationships and divorce

Paula Jones’s ex-husband is Stephen Jones.

According to accounts, they separated in February of that year, and the divorce was filed in June of that year. Paula Jones stated that their marriage was not in danger and that they intended to reunite in Arkansas when they parted ways.

They reportedly had two kids, Stephen and Preston, who were 6 and 2 years old when the divorce case was filed. Stephen Jones asked for shared legal, physical, and visitation custody of their two children.

After the couple’s divorce in February, the boys reside in Cabot, Arkansas, with their mother.

After divorcing for two years, Jones wed Steven. According to rumours, she first spoke with Steven Mark McFadden at a housewarming celebration. That time, Steven was employed by a business that made construction equipment.

He’s bashful, and I was shy too, Jones said. Since then, we have been dating.

When Steven was 39 and Paula was 35, they got married. They got married in a Villa Marre residence in downtown Little Rock in October 2001.

what Paula Jones is worth

Paula Jones’s estimated net worth is $700,000. She was a reality TV celebrity after the Clinton scandal and modelled for Penthouse magazine.

Clinton v. Jones

She began working for the Arkansas Industrial Development Commission in March 1991 as a document examiner, earning $10,270 year. She stated that two months after starting the job, she met with Clinton.

She insisted that the incident happened when Clinton went to the Little Rock Excelsior Hotel for the Conference.

During a meeting, he saw her manning a table and made an attempt to approach her.

Following that, Clinton made some lewd remarks and attempted to make unwanted physical contact with Paul.

Jones declined the offer and sought to depart. “You are smart,” Clinton remarked. Please keep this private.

Judge Susan Webber Wright of the federal district court rendered a decision in favour of Clinton.

Even if the alleged occurrences had occurred, according to her, they did not constitute sexual assault. Jones lacked proof that her refusal of the governor had led to negative outcomes or mental hardship at work.

Two witnesses were available for Paula and her counsel to support their statements. Pamela Blackard, a colleague of Jones’, was manning the conference registration desk. also Debra Ballentine, a friend of hers. Later that day, according to Debra, Jones allegedly showed up at Ballentine’s office without warning and recounted the incident.

The Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals received a petition from Jones. Later, Jones and Clinton came to an agreement in which Jones earned $850,000 (of which $200,000 was used to pay for legal fees). But Clinton offered no confessions of wrongdoings. The compensation and Wright’s decision don’t clarify whether Jones’s claims are true or not.

Crime in America: Impeachment

The FX drama recounts about the relationship between former President Bill Clinton and White House aide Monica Lewinsky. His impeachment was the result of this in the end.

In the series, Annaleigh Ashford plays Jones.

Jones recently referred to impeachment as “inaccurate” in an interview with Inside Edition. She described it as “cartoonish-y.”
Steven Mark Mcfadden, Jone’s spouse, is frequently spotted standing next to her wife. It appears that Steven Mark Mcfadden is a devoted husband.

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