The Connection Between Superstition and Gambling

Superstition has been part of human history for centuries. Some countries are more superstitious than others and we might smile at (or frown at – think of rhino’s horn remedies) certain superstitions. However, almost nobody likes to walk under a ladder or would like to sit in the 13th row on a plane – if there even was one.

With the help of Polish iGaming expert Eliasz Nowak, we have collected a few superstitions that apply particularly to gamblers.

Definition of superstitious behaviour

If a person is superstitious, he or she has a strong conviction that is based on the erroneous perception of a cause-effect association between two independent events.

Gamblers are thought to be more superstition than average because most games are of chance. People with gambling problems tend to be more superstition than the ones that play recreationally, just for fun.

No matter if you are playing in a land-based or online casino, superstitions can influence how you play.

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Lucky charms

You might have taken a lucky charm with you to school for a difficult exam or to the hospital before surgery. Gamblers from Poland good luck charms for winning often depict objects that are associated with luck, such as a horseshoe, a rabbit’s foot or a four-leaf clover. These could be in the form of a gold charm on a bracelet or necklace or something that the gamblers will have in their pockets.


A ritual doesn’t have to be as elaborate as Muay Thai fighters’ dance before a fight. It can be a discreet knocking on the wood or blowing on dice before shooting them or crossing your fingers while the roulette ball is spinning. These rituals are so “normal” that nobody will give them a second thought.

Not entering the casino through the main doors

Some people in Poland believe that it is bad luck to enter the casino through the main entrance and they opt for a side entrance. When the famous MGM casino opened in Las Vegas, the original entrance was through a giant lion’s mouth. Many Westerners thought this to be bad luck but for Chinese gamblers, the association was even stronger. The casino eventually changed the door to a more traditional one.

Lucky and unlucky numbers

Number 13 in most cultures is an unlucky one. Aeroplanes don’t have row number 13 and many hotels around the world will not have room numbers ending in 13 or a 13th floor. In some Asian cultures, number 4 is just as unlucky; for this reason, you will not find the place number 4 at the Baccarat table. While number 7 in most cultures is a lucky number – and many slots display this number as an association with luck – in Poland it is quite the opposite. Since the number’s shape looks like a scythe, it represents death and is to be avoided.

Choosing clothes

Something old and something new, something borrowed and something blue – this is what a bride has to wear at the wedding and this is as superstition as wearing red colour in a casino. The association of red colour with luck and wealth comes from Asian cultures but many casinos use red décor for this same reason. Some believe that black brings bad luck and they avoid wearing black clothes or shoes while gambling.

Counting money at the table

This action brings bad luck. Most seasoned gamblers from Poland would never count their money at the table. Some Polish casinos take this superstition so seriously that they remind novice gamblers not to count their money at the table.


Gambling superstitions are alive and well. As most casino games in Poland are games of chance, superstitions can’t harm so it is up to you to use them or not. However, if you keep losing, don’t rely too much on your lucky charm to turn your luck.


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