Reasons why pre-engineered steel is the best choice for hangars

If an organization or an individual owns assets as valuable as an airplane, paying particular attention to its storage is essential. You cannot simply leave the aircraft in the open, and you need to have a proper hangar for its parking.

A hangar can be deemed as a garage for the aircraft. Nowadays, you can erect an airplane hangar within a fraction of the time as opposed to traditional construction methods.

In a hanger you not only park your airplane, but you can also store other machinery that you might need for its maintenance. Furthermore, you can use your private hangar as a space to park your cars and relax after a long day of flying the aircraft.

However, it must be durable and offer the essential features that you might need. This is why people opt for steel for its construction. But, more and more people realize the benefits of constructing a hangar with prefabricated or pre-engineered steel. Herein, the manufacturer will provide the material that is already cut and treated and is ready to assemble.

There are no compromises in the durability or the structural integrity of the garage if you construct it with pre-engineered steel. You must submit accurate designs and measurements, and the manufacturer will take care of the rest.

Reasons why pre-engineered steel is the ideal choice for hangars

Reduced costs

Steel is better for a hanger’s construction than other materials. But, constructing the hangar with the traditional method will prove expensive compared to prefabricated steel.

The traditional method requires a lot of fabrication and engineering of steel which can take a lot of time. In addition, it will require different types of skilled workers, and hiring them increases the project’s cost. Whereas using pre-engineered steel only requires the labor or contractors to assemble the pieces in the kit.

Experienced and reputed prefabricated steel manufacturers will even label all the pieces for ease of use and efficiency.

Design Customization


Choosing steel kits enables you to customize the design of the hanger to a great extent. You can customize every aspect of the structure as per the specifications. So, if your needs increase, you can expand the area or even shrink it. Furthermore, it gives you leeway to alter the space in the future if you need to.


Using wood or steel sourced from unethical sources is not the ideal choice if you wish to be sustainable. Reputed manufacturers only use steel that can be recycled in the future, which helps you be environmentally conscious.


There is no doubt that steel is the most robust material. In construction, only the best steel quality is used, which proves to be quite advantageous in the long run.

The high tensile strength of steel ensures that the structure will stand the test of time. Moreover, it has anti-corrosive properties, so the form will not rust. Also, it has a higher melting point making it fire resistant. Such properties make steel an ideal choice for an airplane hangar.

Thus, the best way to store your valuable aircraft is to build a steel hangar. It will not only keep the asset safe but help you save a ton of money on its maintenance since it will protect the asset from harsh weather conditions and atmospheric elements.

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