Reasons To Choose Oracle Cloud

Cloud computing is quickly developing, and new capabilities are being released to the market every day. What cloud innovations best suit your company’s needs is now the matter at hand—not whether you should migrate your operations to the cloud. Here are some of the top advantages if you’re considering shifting your company to Oracle Cloud but are unclear about what’s accessible to you:

Infrastructure for on-premises and future clouds

The first-generation cloud architecture serves as the foundation for Oracle’s next-generation cloud, which offers an intelligent and self-governing solution to support even the most complex and demanding applications. Utilizing the most recent hardware generation for optimal performance, it offers high-performance computation and network performance. Additionally, it combines Oracle’s autonomous services and integrated security to provide real-time elastic scalability for cloud-native and corporate application workloads.

Independent actions

With autonomous services that enable unprecedented efficiencies in data management for greater performance, security, and cost savings, Oracle’s next-generation cloud is designed to run the only autonomous database in the world. While offering cloud services for transaction processing and data warehousing that are workload-optimized, the Oracle Autonomous Database runs natively on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Tasks including provisioning, configuring, adjusting, scaling, patching, and encrypting of databases are managed by the Autonomous Database.

Better value for the money

For your current on-premises application, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure offers improved performance, continuously lower costs, and simpler cloud migrations. From bare metal to virtual machines to entirely flexible instances, oracle cloud service providers provide a wide range of services while ensuring predictable performance and customer isolation.

Optimized for oracle workload

To assist you with migrating and operating Oracle’s business apps and databases more effectively, Oracle cloud provides special features and tools. It decreases the cost and time to migrate to the cloud by just requiring minor adjustments. It is designed specifically to execute machine learning workloads and provide insights based on AI. Additionally, it gives users the ability to integrate various data sources and combine crucial information to support well-informed business decisions.

Optional deployment

Use Oracle Cloud where Customer can deploy their cloud applications and databases either on-premises or in the public cloud. Oracle is the only cloud service provider that enables you to host Oracle Fusion SaaS apps in your data centre and behind your firewall. Along with all of our public cloud infrastructure services, such as Autonomous Database, Autonomous Linux, and Autonomous Data Guard.

Oracle has the customer base and the ambition to develop into an industry leader like the big three, even though they are now classified as a niche company. Build your cloud roadmap with the cloud professionals when you’re ready to move to your new cloud environment. You can choose the best cloud solutions and services for your business both now and in the future by taking the time to start the cloud roadmap process.

Your burden is completely lifted by Opkey’s Oracle testing as a service for Cloud Updates, which guarantees 100% trust coverage for each business process. Your technical and business users can put more of their time into activities that offer value rather than testing. Utilize Oracle Managed Cloud services from Opkey to save time and money on each Oracle Update.

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