Optimize your Mac with these top cleaners for 2022

Your Mac takes care of all your diverse files, including music, videos, movies, email attachments, documents, photos, etc. But your system can quickly get cluttered and filled with too many files. You might not even need most of them anymore. Cleaning them manually can be a challenging task. Thankfully, there are exceptionally feature-rich Mac cleaners that can make your work easier. These apps will optimize and boost the performance of your system without you having to lift a finger.

So, you no longer have to wonder how to remove other storage on Mac or get rid of all the redundant files. Here’s a round-up of the top Mac cleaners for 2022.


ClenMyMac is one of the best cleaners you will find, and it makes removing redundant files as easy as A, B, C. The program scans the entire device and recommends the files you need to clean up according to their usability. Furthermore, the software suggests that you delete all the unnecessary content related to the applications you don’t use anymore.

Thanks to this software, you don’t have to spend hours tracking down useless files. You can simply go through the suggestions and clear the space. With only a click, you can get rid of duplicate pictures, large mail attachments, and other useless files.


BuhoCleaner is a user-friendly Mac cleaner optimized for M1 chips and Monterey. The app enables users to clean and optimize their system with just a click. The cost-effectiveness, wide range of useful tools and simple interface of the software are liked by users.

The software functions are practical, and they can meet your daily needs. Some of the important features are app uninstallation, removal of junk files, cleanup of duplicate and large files, real-time monitoring of system status, management of startup items, and one-click memory release.

The software supports over ten languages, including Japanese, German, English, Spanish, etc.


DaisyDisk is one of the most popular and reliable Mac storage cleaners. The software offers a visual breakdown of your system’s disk space, and hence, you can easily spot the space wasters. The identification and removal of unwanted files are straightforward with this software.

One of the most notable features of this program is its ability to scan multiple disks accurately and quickly. Thanks to its QuickLook feature, you can easily preview the files and decide what to do with them.

DaisyDisk can be used in different languages, including Russian, German, Polish, English, Italian, French, etc.

Disk Clean Pro

Disk Clean Pro is a sought-after Mac cleaner capable of getting rid of redundant data and junk files from your system. The software helps free space, and with the help of useful tools, it eliminates redundant files like crash reports, redundant log files, and incomplete downloads.

The program optimizes the system’s storage space by eliminating large and duplicate files. It can also remove old files sitting on your Mac, but you no longer use them.

OS Cleaner Master

Remove junk files with ease using OS Cleaner Master. The application allows users to quickly track down unnecessary and redundant data so that they can be removed instantly. The program also keeps an eye on your system’s memory, storage, and CPU. You can leverage the app’s adware doctor to identify and nab the malware and adware.

The software even allows users to keep track of app information like size and version, check out crashed applications, and know about the firewall status. Users even can upgrade this cleaner to unlock a wide range of features like removing duplicates, mail attachments, and large files.


MacCleanse is an all-in-one Mac cleaner, and this software works perfectly to get rid of different types of files like empty logs, caches, web histories, and cookies. It can help you locate old and useless files to remove them instantly and free up storage space.

The software comes with unique features that allow users to find redundant and useless content from the applications quickly. The app provides users with information related to deleted files. So, you will know the files you have deleted if you are looking for certain files in the future.


OnyX is a feature-rich Mac program perfect for structuring your system files, verifying the startup disk, configuring parameters, etc. This program can optimize your Mac, delete caches, clean disk errors, and rebuild databases. While there are Terminal Commands to perform these functions, the OnyX app makes it easy for you.

Wrapping up

These are some of the top Mac cleaners you need to check out in 2022. These programs will help optimize your system and speed up productivity. You no longer have to manually look for redundant or large files to delete from your system. If you are not using any Mac cleaner as of yet, select one from the list mentioned above.

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