Learn the difference between an electric radiator and a storage heater

Electric heating is usually one of the best ways to heat your home. This is because it doesn’t depend on main gas supplies nor does it require expensive components like a boiler or even a network of pipes to transport water throughout your home. Here is the deal, if your home doesn’t have a gas-fired boiler, then there is a good chance that you may have some kind of electric heating. In this article, you will learn about the difference between an electric radiator and a storage heater.

An electric radiator and storage heater

A modern electric radiator is usually a wall-hung unit that you can connect to the main electrical supply of your home. Every electric radiator has an element designed to convert electricity into heat through the tubes, fins, and fluid and converts heat into your room. You can switch on an electric radiator any time you want heat and are energy efficient.

A storage heater is also usually wall-mounted and you can connect it to your electricity supply. But it differs from an electric radiator mainly because it has a series of ceramic bricks that keep energy throughout the night and releases the heat during the day. Many homes that use storage heaters are on economy electricity tariffs, when electricity tends to be cheaper at night than during the day.

A storage heater is considered to be an old technology that people used to heat their homes, especially those that were not connected to the main gas supply. Electric radiators have now taken over this old technology. No wonder, many homeowners prefer electric radiators as they are more economically efficient.

The advantages of an electric radiator

An electric radiator allows you to switch them on and give heat any time you want it. You don’t need to forward plan and many of them have electronic thermostats and open window detection. Therefore, your room can heat up quickly to get a comfortable temperature and they can automatically switch on and off to help you save electricity.

The good thing is also that you don’t have to be on expensive electricity tariffs to use an electric radiator. This helps you to switch on the electric radiator during the day and you don’t have to worry about any costs. A modern electric radiator tends to be energy efficient and you can use it when you want it. This gives you a lot of control on when and how you heat your home. To get the best energy deal, you need to consult Utility Bidder.

Above all, an electric radiator’s design has changed over the years and you can find a wide range of options just like what you may find for conventional hot water central heating systems. You can find an electric radiator in a variety of finishes and styles, and some have a smaller projection from the wall. This means they usually stick out a lot compared to a storage heater. Because you can get the electrical radiators in vertical orientations, it means it offers you more options when positioning your furniture.

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