Everything to Know About 18659 Batteries

This specific battery is popular because of their many uses and benefits. These batteries are rechargeable too which is a great plus point. The 18650 battery pack manufacturers use the best sources to produce this lithium ion battery that works perfectly. Here are a few things you should know about the 18650 battery also known as the 18650 cell.


The 18650 battery has two types. A protected one which is the safest option to use and always recommended for whatever you have to use it for. These batteries cannot be charges over a certain limit and have no high risk of exploding in any way unless mishandled. The unprotected 18650 battery is a different case. These batteries don’t have a protected and safe limit. Upon exceeding it, the battery can catch fire or burst open and poses as a serious safety hazard. This second type of battery is used with the types of devices that have been manufactured to handle it.

Recharging the Battery

The 18650 battery does not have infinite recharges. There exists a limit for that too. Some have more than enough and other can be recharged around 300 times. The average recharging limit exists around 300-2000 recharges depending on what 18650 battery you are using. The durability is also super strong so that adds up to a plus point.


The very first quality is the fact that a protected type of this battery exists. Which is the safest one out there. This one quality can compete with hundreds of qualities any other battery possesses. Another thing is the voltage. 3.7 volts is optimal. It is the standard best and your battery just falls according to the usage. There is little to no self-discharging. This is perfect. Self-discharging can be the most annoying part of a battery. You can never expect a certain performance with high self-discharge.


This battery is commonly uses. From your laptops to certain electronic cars. It is always an 18650 cell being used. Even the vapes being used nowadays have this particular battery. Since it is protected and rechargeable, 18650 battery is the best option for the manufacturers of various electronic devices to use. Everyone wants the best for their product. You need to be careful with what you choose for your device yourself because the wrong use of batteries is a fire hazard and can cause a lot of damage.

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